Hooray for Sunshine!

The sun is back! While we had a blast playing in the rain last week, and yes we had a blast playing mud soccer, cruising down our 50 ft slip’n slide, splashing in the pool, and singing in the rain, we are thrilled to see the sun again. Now that the sun is shining, the ground is drying, and the heat is turned up, we are looking forward to getting back to our regular outdoor routine. This week we have all sorts of super fun activities for Greek Week planned. The campers will be placed on 6 different teams in which they will compete in fun and silly games like water relays, water balloon launch, toga tug-o-war, and of course the Field Day Olympics on Friday! With the heat wave rolling in, we will be spending a lot of time playing in the water, taking lots of drink breaks, and relaxing indoors or in the shade.  This week is sure to be a lot of fun for all!