Camp Pegnita Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many campers are in each group? What is the ratio of campers to counselor?

Groups are divided by age and gender, and are typically limited to 20 children per group. Each group is supervised by at least one senior counselor and one or two junior counselors with a standard ratio of 7:1. 

  • What kind of experience do counselors have?

Our counselors often return to camp year after year, and many of them were campers here as children. Most of our junior counselors have attended our CIT program before being offered a job. They then work along with a senior counselor for several years, and when they are old enough and experienced enough, they become senior counselors. We will also hire people with previous child-care or summer camp experience from other sources. All staff members attend pre-camp training, which includes being first aid and CPR certified. Lifeguards are certified, and at least one of them attends a special course from the American Red Cross to be able to give the campers proper swimming lessons. Every staff member is required to provide a current police background check before beginning employment each summer, and references are thoroughly checked.

  • Is there a discount if I have more than one child?

Yes, your first child is full price, and any siblings receive a discount of $25 off the weekly rate. This applies to full weeks only, as there are no discounts on the daily rates.

  • How deep is the pool?

The water is 6 feet at the deepest end of the pool. When your child first attends camp, the lifeguards will administer a deep-water test to see if he or she will be allowed in the deeper half of the pool. Throughout  the summer, the campers may re-take the test if they do not initially pass it. Our pool is "U-shaped," and campers who do not pass the deep water test will remain in the separated, shallow side of the pool. 

  • When is Open House?

Information about our Open House will be determine on a later date.  Details will be emailed to all guardians and posted on social media.  

  • Can I come and see Camp Pegnita before then?

Of course!  Please call or e-mail to schedule a visit.

  • What should children bring with them to camp?

Campers need to bring a lunch (in a cooler bag or does not need to be refrigerated), sunscreen (which should also be applied by parents before children are dropped off in the morning), swimsuit, towel, sandals for the pool, bug repellant, and a backpack or bag to keep everything in. We ask that each child's belongings be clearly labeled with his/her full name so that any misplaced items may be returned to the owner. Please have campers wear close-toed shoes to avoid injury, as well as play clothes that don't mind a little dirt, paint, and grass stains.

  • What are children not allowed to bring to camp?

Campers should not bring anything valuable to camp, as we cannot guarantee that it will not be damaged or misplaced. Also, electronic games, personal music players, expensive cameras, cell phones, and any potentially dangerous items (such as pocket knives) are not allowed. In addition, campers may not bring Pokemon cards or other popular trading cards. Please remember that Camp Pegnita is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items children bring with them. Also remember that the more they bring with them, the more that may get lost...

  • Is Camp Pegnita a nut free campus?

Camp Pegnita is not a nut free campus, however, we do ask that you try to refrain from sending nut products in your child’s lunch. Any snacks provided by Camp Pegnita will not contain nut products.