Camp Program (ages 5-12)

Our campers will experience a summer packed with a huge variety of safe and FUN activities! From swimming, archery, arts and crafts to building forts in the woods, hanging out with a llama at the petting zoo, and playing exciting games like Capture the Flag. Camp Pegnita offers an adventure every day! Campers are grouped based on age and gender, and trained counselors plan activities accordingly. Offered on our gorgeous six acres of land, our traditional summer camp program offers fun for any taste!  Click here to see a sample schedule. For pictures and a full description of our activities, please continue to scroll down.

Counselor In Training (ages 13-15)

Young adults aged 13-15 have the opportunity to "learn the ropes" of being a counselor at Camp Pegnita, while making new friends, gaining leadership skills, enjoying our beautiful campus, and having lots of fun along the way! Throughout our three week program, CITs will gain experience working with each of our different age groups, alongside trained counselors and lifeguards. They will spend time "in the field," observing, and later planning and leading activities for the campers. The CIT group will also work together to plan and implement one big camp wide activity! CITs who show strong leadership skills during their three paid weeks, will be invited to return for a free week of their choice later in the summer. 

Montessori Program (under 5 years old)

Children ages 3 and 4, who are enrolled in the fall at Villa di Maria Montessori school, are eligible to attend our summer Montessori program. Montessori students will attend class from 8:30-11:30, and will have the option of staying through lunch or for the full day. Children who stay till 1:00 will have the opportunity to take a dip in the pool, and those who stay till 3:30 can either nap or have a "mini camp" experience.

So what do we do at camp exactly…

Magic Circle: We always start and end our day with what we call, “Magic Circle.” Campers of all ages gather at our large circle of benches where they will listen to announcements and join the counselors in singing both traditional and Pegnita style camp songs. Our camp songs are fun and interactive and are a sure way to get everyone up and moving. Don’t be surprised if you find your kids singing the songs at home! Dinner time just may be accompanied by Chili Chili or Boom Chicka Boom.

Swim: Twice daily, campers will swim in our onsite pool. Safety is our number one priority so in addition to the campers regular counselors, we always have at least two certified lifeguards supervising the pools at all times. During the morning, all campers will participate in swimming lessons led by our lifeguards. The lifeguards will assess each camper to determine his/her swim level. Campers will then be put into groups based on their swimming abilities. Our lifeguards can teach swimmers at any level so even if this is a camper’s very first swim lesson, our lifeguards are prepared to make every camper feel very comfortable in the water. In the afternoons, campers have the opportunity to play freely in the pool. Our pool is divided into two sections, a shallow section ranging from 1.5’ to 2.5’ and a deeper section ranging from 2.5’ to 6’. For safety purposes, all children must pass the deep water test to swim in the deeper section of the pool.

Arts and Crafts: Campers will have the opportunity to participate in Arts and Crafts 2-3 times each week. Our fabulous art instructor prepares tons of fun, creative, and messy crafts. Each summer, campers can look forward to tie-dying shirts, making candles, building bird houses, and creating other amazing projects based on our weekly theme or event. Your child will come home with plenty of handcrafted items to decorate your house.

Archery: Two to three times a week, campers will receive archery instruction. Our archery equipment is designed for children ages 5 and up, and we set firm rules to ensure the safety of each camper.  Our trained counselors will teach each child how to safely use a bow and arrow to shoot a target. Campers will practice working on their skills each week and will have the chance to participate in some friendly group archery competitions.

Counselor and Camper Choice Activities: We think it is important to expose the children to a wide variety of fun indoor and outdoor activities each day. Our schedule is designed for flexibility so that groups can pick and choose the activities that are of the most interest to them. Counselors will introduce many new games and activities throughout each week and offer choices to the campers when planning the weekly schedule.   Generally our activities fall into the following categories: NATURE ACTIVITIES (fort building, hiking), COOKOUTS (S’mores, trail mix), SPORTS (Soccer, basketball, whiffle ball), TRADITIONAL CAMP GAMES (kick the can, capture the flag, four square, steal the bacon), DRAMA ACTIVITIES (charades, skits), CIRCLE GAMES (simon says, mother may I, the rhythm game), TEAM BUILDING GAMES (human knot, four on a couch), CAMP PEGNITA ORIGINALS (bench glory, hot lava, hot box), and FREE PLAY (chalk drawing, playground time, make-believe games.

Special Events: In addition to our regular activities, each week we have a special theme or event that we incorporate into the schedule. Whether it's building boats during our pirate week, hula dancing during our luau, sliding on our giant 50 foot slipnslide, cheering for your team at the field day relay, or getting chocolate syrup and whipped cream poured on your head during Bonsai, our events are always fun and a little bit crazy! For more information about our themes and a schedule of our events please visit our Special Events page.